The food we redistribute is in date and good to eat, but has become surplus for simple reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf-life.

Our dedicated Food Team can work with you to achieve the most cost and time effective solution for dealing with your unsold food, enabling your business to use your surplus food for social good.

The Food We take – Surplus food can occur in your business for a wide range of reasons, and we are here to help when it does.

We can accept and use any stock that is food safe, as our warehouse are equipped with chillers, freezers, and ambient storage.

We are always on the lookout for quality food to supply to the charities and community groups we support. Whether you have a pallet worth or a warehouse full, please get in touch.

We Can Accept Your

• Packaging errors
• Short-dated food
• Seasonal stock
• Lines no longer being retailed
• Retailer rejections
• Manufacturing errors
• Quality rejections
• Bulk ingredients for manufacturing
• Foreign label stock
• Incorrect forecasting
• Order reductions
• Damages
• Unfinished products

Types of Food we Can Accept

• Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products
• Fruit and vegetables
• Chilled food, such as ready meals or drinks
• Frozen food, or chilled food that has been blast frozen
• Ambient goods, such as pasta, tins and cereals
• Bakery

Types of Food we Cannot Accept

• Food that has been warmed or prepared, such as buffet or event food

• Food that has exceeded its use-by. Please note, we may be able to accept food if it has passed its best-before date, if the manufacturer can guarantee that the food is still safe to consume.

• We welcome Small or large, ranging from restaurants to supermarkets, catering companies to cafes to help local charities and charities across the world to receive your surplus food.